Lucy Tisné - Artist
Lucy Tisné - Artist

Lucy Tisné

The artist Lucy Tisné was born and raised in the UK by an American/Italian/English family. She has always painted and loved art in all its forms, from photography, filmmaking and interior design to more recently a collection of Alphabet postcards, greeting cards and bespoke Art posters. Painting was always her passion but only recently did she find the confidence to share her work. She love playing with space, bold colours and patterns. Some ideas starts with just colours of course and then take flight. Lucy is greatly inspired by fabric, the colours of doors and walls in streets around cities, the blues and lines of swimming pools, and the design of everyday objects and wrappers. She also likes there to be breathing space in her work and she is aware of the space. Lucy also likes playing with perspective as if we are slightly zoomed in, or conversely removed.

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