Hello home, Nana Sacko

After thinking about trying to extend the life of her children's clothes, Nana started experimenting with plant color, and SACKO was born. Besides, second hand is a big heart issue for Nana and she likes to spend free days at a flea market or somewhere near the sea. Meet her here.

Nana, how are you today?
I feel good, I feel calm and quite rested. I work a lot with my mind so it becomes an important question to ask myself every day and adjust my energy accordingly.

"The city is small enough to look at each other when you meet on the street or on the tram, but big enough to avoid the feeling that everyone knows everyone"

Nana! I'm so curious about you, who are you
I'm a 38 year old woman who loves the pulse of the city but who constantly longs for the tranquility of nature. I am one of four sisters born and raised in Gothenburg with roots in Denmark and Mali. I am a creative soul who prefers to spend my free time at flea markets and plant dyeing textiles. I am a collector who loves design, unique objects and the textile craft. I work with second hand and my finest and most important task in life is to be the mother of my two children Loa and Ayo.

We are in Gothenburg, what is the best thing about the city?
Love Gothenburg! The best thing is the atmosphere and the humility you meet from people who live here. The city is small enough to look at each other when you meet on the street or on the tram, but big enough to avoid the feeling that everyone knows everyone. I also appreciate the proximity and accessibility to the archipelago, city and nature.

How would you describe your home?
A place for peace and quiet, a bit crowded but where there is room for everyone. We live in an older apartment in an old beautiful house, slightly worn but with well-preserved fine details. Aesthetically, I would describe it as bohemian and minimalist, there is a lot to look at but at the same time a harmony and calm in the earthy colors in combination with natural materials.

You have a fantastic expression in your pictures, how would you describe your creativity?
Thank you! Creativity is my breathing space and something that makes me happy, when I push it away I suffocate an important piece of myself. Over the years, I have learned how important it is for me to affirm my creative side and let it take place. I feel good working with my hands, seeing something grow and create. The great thing about creativity is that it always finds a way to express itself.

What is important to you?
To be true to my values. It is important to me that what I do reflects my values and my view of people when it comes to work, collaborations and how I try to live.

You run SACKO, tell me about it! SACKO is my heart project that was born when I, in an attempt to extend the life of my children's clothes in the most sustainable way possible. I started experimenting with plant color and gave suny clothes new life through color and pattern. I was totally bitten by natural plant color and documented much of my process and exploration in pictures. I basically had a great interest in textiles and second hand, the combination with plant dye became a perfect match for me and I started dyeing for others and also selling what I created. SACKO is today a small-scale brand focusing on plant dye as a way to upcycle and refine second-hand garments and textiles. I also design smaller plant-colored collections, offer workshops and collaborate with creators and companies that operate in sustainable fashion.

"I come from a large family where family ties are strong and we have learned to always take care of each other and to love unconditionally"

Plant color, sounds difficult to work with, or am I wrong?
It is a slow and time consuming process that requires patience and knowledge. I do not always have patience but have dared to test myself. The meditative part of the process and being able to work with my hands was what caught me. Plant color is like a combination of chemistry and magic that you can only to some extent control, which always makes it exciting.

What are you proud of?
My strong relationships to my family, my children and my friends. Relationships have always been central to me. I come from a large family where family ties are strong and we have learned to always take care of each other and to love unconditionally.

What's the funniest thing about being a mom?
All the laughs, the medicine of life! The children teach me what life really is and challenge everything I thought was truth and my own self-image. Seeing them develop and at the same time undergoing the greatest personal development is powerful.

How do you prefer to spend your summer days?
Unpretentious, far from the city and close to the sea. I have a dream of a summer place on the west coast with a small garden where I can grow flowers and spend the days coloring and rinsing in the sea water while the children play undisturbed from traffic. I have a great need to reduce my sphere during free time and refuel energy.

When do you feel most beautiful?
When I am rested, in balance and among family and friends who love all parts of me. My most beautiful sides emerge when I feel safe, loved and can be myself completely. Superficially, vitamin D and sleep do the job:)

Do you have something you want to recommend?
To be alone sometimes and dare to meet thoughts and feelings that may not always otherwise have the time or energy to make room. To dare to spend time and have conversations with yourself and simply do something on your own.

Last but not least, what is your superpower?
My imagination. I feel rich in ideas and have an easy time visualizing and coming up with solutions. I allow myself to daydream and actually do not know who I would be if I did not have access to my imagination.