New artist, Melanie Kieback

Vanellimelli is the alias of Berlin born and based Blogger Melanie Kieback who has mastered the art of speaking a gorgeous and distinctive visual language. She takes you into her world showing emotions, memories, dreams & adventures. She does not want to only be defined by labels. It is about the mix of it all. Vintage meets Designer, Old meets New, Creativity meets Standards. Her work is shot on film, which is key in her unique visual style. She's now up to date with a photo collection with three Limited Edition prints. Meet her here.

Dear Mel! So excited about the launch together with you! How do you feel?
I think I am even more excited than you, haha. Can’t really believe it to be honest, but definitely happy we are making this happening! It’s a great feeling. The thought of someone having my print on their wall is extremely fascinating.

"My collection reflects a longing for nostalgia in times of the world spinning and changing as fast as a Formula1 race car drives on the track."

Tell me about your collection!
My collection reflects a longing for nostalgia in times of the world spinning and changing as fast as a Formula1 race car drives on the track.

It features 3 „KODAK KAR“ prints, which sprung from my passion for motorized vehicles, as well as my friend and so considered muse Leni in „BODY ELECTRIC“ and „BURNING DESIRE“ + a scrapbooked „mood board“ collaged with images and polaroids taken by me during the last 6 years, which was glued together by hand together with analog film treats, randomly accumulated paper things and stickers.

Also, tell me about you!
Hi I am Mel :) Born and raised in beautiful Berlin, still here 27 years later. I am a creative soul, trying to express myself on the internet for over 15 years now and it somehow turned into my job, which is a dream come true.

How come you have such big interest for analog photography?
First of all I grew up with it, until I was 12 years old probably my mom was still taking most of our pictures on film. When I started my blog some time later I got my first „proper“ own analog camera - a CANON AE-1. Through Tumblr and Flickr back then I just loved how different film looked with digital cameras becoming a lot better and iPhone cameras taking over the internet haha. I spent my 2 week school internship in 9th grade in the UDK darkroom and always took my friends photos on film. I definitely let go of it in between for some time, but in 2016 I felt a strong urge to make the things I shared online look and feel different from what was trendy at the time. I got my first „good“ point and shoot camera and was also finally able to finance this hobby more realistically. Haven’t let go of that strong passion until today :)

What emotions do you want to convey with your art?
You really want me to get started on that? Hahaha, let me tell you: I am pisces, so by definition we feel everything very deeply - longing for special connections, wanting to become one with everything, quickly overthinking the tiniest life choices and falling into bottomless sadness - make that into a sticker and put it on me as a label.  A lot of what is featured in this collection has its origin in craving something more, coping with heartbreak and the absence of acknowledgment for me personally. While I wrote this answer to your question at least thirty different words for emotions raced through my brain, but I can’t put a finger on it and decide what it actually is. I hope that’s okay :D

Top five pieces in your wardrobe?
Anything thrifted! I have a big collection of old leather jackets, worn out denim and cowboy boots. I love myself a good slip dress and somehow started collecting Harley Davidson clothing over the years.

I happen to know that you own a vintage car, tell me about it!
That is very true! I bought a 1992 Mercedes Benz SL 300, so it just turned vintage :) As you can tell by my collection I am kind of obsessed with cars, so I knew for some time that I want to own a special one myself some day.During the first COVID summer and being in Berlin a lot more than the years before I thought it would be a great idea to invest into an old cabriolet and go on road trips around Berlin and within Germany.I want to be honest though.. my Benz definitely has its issues and I should have went for something smaller in size, haha.

"I always say, if I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing now I would love to be goldsmith and craft jewelry."

When do you feel most comfortable and sexy?
Surrounded by the right people :)

What do you do on a free day?
Go to a flea market if its a Sunday, hang out around Kreuzberg or spend time in my studio working with paper.

If you were about to change direction completely in life, what would you do instead?
I think I could never really change direction completely, just because being creative is very important to me. I always say, if I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing now I would love to be goldsmith and craft jewelry.

Tell me about one of your childhood memories!
Most of my special memories I had with my mum, as my father was kind of distant from our family life. A lot of the time we spent together was taking care or driving in his cars, motorbikes or spending the Sunday together on the couchwatching car races. I guess that’s also a reason why I like to take photos of cars and maybe a coping mechanism to deal with our flawed relationship.I also remember that my mom showed me one of her old photo albums with pictures from when she lived in California for some time in the early 90s, me being extremely fascinated by that and I couldn’t wait to go there one day and see it for myself :)

What’s your favorite sweets?
I am more of a savory kinda snack girl and my go to snack are chips, preferably Rosmary or Salt & Vinegar.

Describe your home!
My interest for things from old eras really spreads into all parts of my life, with my interior having a lot of 70s and space age influences. I first moved into this place when I was 19 years old. 4 years later in 2018 I decided to give it a little glow up and renovated/ improved a lot together with my mum. New kitchen, new floors, ripping off ugly white popcorn wallpaper, stuff like that. Most of the furniture I got used on flea markets or eBay Kleinanzeigen with the highlights being my vintage Togo Sofa I purchased in 2020 & my 1972 Ikea Impala Chairs. Another favorite is my collection of Mushroom Lamps featuring Peill & Putzler and hand blown La Rochere`s among others. Even though I love this little place, I can’t wait to expand one day: more room for beautiful old things. I also love having a lot of prints and art on the walls, I think it really reflects personality.

I know you have a big interest in vintage fashion. What’s your best tips when it comes to second hand shopping and what’s the best places in Berlin?
I truly am! My best tip would probably be to always take your time and be patient. I go to the ReSales chain a lot, Vintage revivals is also a part of that, VV_Berlin and sometimes the RAW fleamarket. But being honest I mostly thrift online these days.

What do you eat in the morning?
I am not really a breakfast person and usually only have coffee in the morning, but I do love myself some fluffy bread with spread ;)

Tell me your favorite song!
Tough one! I am not good with music favorites, it really changes with my moods, but Tame Impala´s „Taxi's Here“ and anything Lana del Rey would be on top of the list.