Selected art prints by Nicole Kavander

In many ways, Nicole has managed to live a full life in just a few years. She is driven by change and justice, and an understanding. She alternates tough training with digital meetings with some of our biggest corporate giants and dreams of a world free of racism. Here you will find her favorites that hangs on the picture wall at her home!

11 Prints
Leo Kajsa Hagelin
From €35
Capri Annika Hultgren
From €29
Honey Julia Hallström
From €29
Fofo I Mathilda Nilsson
Fofo I
From €29
Croquis Hanna Petersen
From €35
Also Paris Sandra Blomén Maschinsky
Also Paris
From €35
Fortem Sandra Blomén Maschinsky
From €35
Anna Mörner Pastel studie no 3 Poster
Pastel studie no 3
From €29
Madelen Möllard Garden Flowers 2 - Poster
Garden flowers 2
From €29
Isabel Leal Bergstrand - Eva - Art print
From €30