In season

Earthy tones during winter time

The darkness has taken a firm hold on our land and winter is making itself comfortable. Now is the best time for candles, harmony and also time for Christmas fun. The close-to-nature scale has been hanging around since the autumn and we continue to mix patterns, materials and old with new. The common thread shines through and we see a personal and balanced feeling.
We bring the down-to-earth tone into the home and create a presence in nature. The color tone is a grateful friend to many of winter's Christmas decorations. Mix in dried plants, take in green branches and put in tall vases, place a bunch of cones on a plate, moss works perfectly as a moisturizer for hyacinths or make a large wreath of spruce twigs and hang over the coffee table. Sticking to the color scale even when it comes to picture frames is a hot tip to give the room a wholeness.

Styling by Linnéa Salmén.