Food & Friends

As a celebration of dining with friends, the artists at Wall of Art have created a collection of art prints inspired by the culture of sharing culinary memories and works of art online. The collection, which consists of 100+ unique art prints, was created from original paintings and illustrations meant to inspire more great culinary moments. The artwork is primarily intended to fit well in a kitchen or dining area, but art has no limits and can be placed wherever it finds its place. The series comes in a large scale of colors, with accent colors in red, blue, pink and yellow. Our posters are available in several different sizes up to 70x100cm.

128 Prints
Food and Wine Menu - Wall of Art

Food and Wine Menu by Wall of Art

From €35
Melanie Wehrli - Lemon salad bowl

Lemon salad bowl by Melanie Wehrli

From €29
Amanda Åkerman - Two lobsters

Two lobsters by Amanda Åkerman

From €29
Mathilda Månsson Kronärtskocka Poster

Kronärtskocka by Mathilda Månsson

From €29
Jennie Petersen - Grape Carafe - Art Print

Grape carafe by Jennie Petersen

From €29
Amanda Åkerman Feast Poster Popular

Feast by Amanda Åkerman

From €29
Kiki - Jura - Kitchen Art

Jura by Kiki

From €29
Estelle Graf - Tranan

Tranan by Estelle Graf

From €29
Jennie Petersen Fish carafe Poster

Fish carafe by Jennie Petersen

From €29
Amanda Åkerman - Wheat Rust - Poster - Art Print

Wheat Rust by Amanda Åkerman

From €29
Natalie Doyle - Burrata red - Food and Friends Collection

Burrata red by Natalie Doyle

From €29
Juliainlaland - Beijos - Art Print Poster

Beijos by Juliainlaland

Food and Wine Menu Black - Wall of Art

Food and Wine Menu Black by Wall of Art

From €35