Abstract art is a form of expression where color and form create a unique work of art. The art form leaves room for the spectator to reflect on their own interpretation, which we at Wall of Art love. Get your own poster from Wall of Art today to create a more inspiring and unique home.

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Color simplicity No 1 Dana Ozollapa

Color simplicity No 1 by Dana Ozollapa

From €29
Snodd Anna Johansson

Snodd by Anna Johansson

From €59
Adele Tornberg Position Poster

Position by Adèle Tornberg

From €35
Rutig Black Katherine Plumb

Rutig Black by Katherine Plumb

From €29
Colorful Green Annika Hultgren

Colorful Green by Annika Hultgren

From €29
Lisa Wirenfelt - Limoncello - Poster

Limoncello by Lisa Wirenfelt

From €29
Lisa Wirenfelt Fleur fleur Poster

Fleur fleur by Lisa Wirenfelt

From €29
Embrace Hanna Petersen

Embrace by Hanna Peterson

From €35
Capri Annika Hultgren

Capri by Annika Hultgren

From €29
Pottery 114 Studio Paradissi

Pottery 114 by Studio Paradissi

From €29
OIVI no2 Ida Vikfors

Oivi no2 by Ida Vikfors

From €35
KALPEA no3 Ida Vikfors

Kalpea no3 by Ida Vikfors

From €35
Color simplicity No 3 Dana Ozollapa

Color simplicity No 3 by Dana Ozollapa

From €29
Beige simplicity No. 2 Dana Ozollapa

Beige simplicity No 2 by Dana Ozollapa

From €29
Rutig Katherine Plumb

Rutig by Katherine Plumb

From €29