Nature Plants

Do you love plants but have a hard time making them thrive? If so, here's a hot tip from us at Wall of Art, decorate your walls with botanical posters! Homely and guaranteed care-free. Our art prints come in several different sizes up to 70x100cm.

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Madelen Möllard Ranunculus in orange vase Poster

Ranunculus in orange vase

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Mathilda Månsson - Vacation


From €30
Isis Maria Dulcita Poster - Kitchen art


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Anna Mörner Limone - Kitchen Poster


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Kajsa Hagelin - Violett - Poster - Art Print


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Hanna Petersen Flower lover Poster

Flower lover

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Secret Garden Hanna Peterson

Secret Garden

From €29
Blomsta III himmelsblå - Hanna KL - Poster

Blomsta III himmelsblå

From €29
Maria Murphy Leaf me be Poster

Leaf me be

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Madelen Möllard On a stroll Poster

On a stroll

From €29
Madelen Möllard Garden Flowers 1 - Poster

Garden flowers 1

From €29
Blomsta IIII Orange - Hanna KL - Poster

Blomsta IIII orange

From €29
Madelen Möllard - Sunflowers

Sunflowers in orange vase

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Madelen Möllard Blue marigolds - Art Print Poster

Blue marigolds

From €29
Amanda Åkerman - Wheat - Poster - Print


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