Paintings Croquis

Croquis is a drawing based on a living model. Croquis drawing usually involves a faster study of the body to sketch a position or movement, but can also include more detailed work. We can not get enough of expressive croquis drawings and find that they fit just as well in a gallery wall as any other individual work of art.

14 Prints
Croquis Lena Wigers
Croquis by Lena Wigers
From €35
Rosa Hanna Sterner
Rosa by Hanna Sterner
From €29
Croquis Hanna Petersen
Croquis by Hanna Peterson
From €35
Jiashen Han Me and myself Poster
Me and myself by Jiashen Han
From €35
Loving the simple Lucrecia Rey Caro
Loving the simple by Lucrecia Rey Caro
From €35
Anna Mörner Pastel studie no 6 Poster
Pastel studie no 6 by Anna Mörner
From €29
Barbara Moura - Wild Thing - Oil painting - Poster
Wild Thing by Bárbara Moura
From €29
Jiashen Han - Why you dont call me - Art print
Why you dont call me by Jiashen Han
From €35
Juni Hanna Sterner
Juni by Hanna Sterner
From €45
Maj Hanna Sterner
Maj by Hanna Sterner
From €29
Tillfreds Hanna Sterner
Tillfreds by Hanna Sterner
From €35