Creative talk

Gustav Broström

Flea market expert, skin care professional, still life fanatic and creator, you name it. Gustav Broström breathes creativity and only the imagination sets limits to his creation. He engages his followers with both small, large unique and fantastic finds that make one want to drop everything and rush to the first best flea market. There is always an ongoing project close at hand. A while ago, Gustav was one of the creators of our first charity project. Now Gustav is our new artist and up to date with his first collection. Meet him here.



Gustav! Now that we're live, how does it feel?
So scary! But also fantastic and fun that Wall of Art believes in me as a creator and sees potential in my works.

Most people probably know you most as a flea market - and beauty expert, but now you also go under the title artist! Who are you?
Personally, I would not use the word artist! I rather see myself as an artistic creator who loves to create in all its forms. I am a young 30-year-old from Stockholm with an obsession with patterns, mold and color.






Where does the inspiration for your artworks come from?
It started with an exhibition on art in medicine quite a few years ago, me and my mother were fascinated by illustrations from the 19th century of synapses and nerves. Some time later at my birthday I got the exhibition catalog, it still inspires me. Nowadays, I see patterns everywhere, from Japanese paintings to kurbits and aerial photos.

What do you do when you are not painting or making amazing still lifes?
I never sit still, I blame it on the fact that I am Aries and that I use Ritalin. It is always an ongoing project with film, taking photographs, editing and writing. Really all the time.




Describe your home in 3 words!
Comfortable blue lumber. It is a blissful mix of old and new, the dining table is always occupied by an ongoing project, fabric, paper, or 10,000 pencils.

What did you dream of becoming when you were little?
Oh, do not know if I dreamed of something? It was only in the fifth grade, when I started music school, that I understood the "width of the world" and was completely convinced that I would be on stage in the West End and sing The Phantom of the Opera. Lol.

When are you happiest and most inspired?
Sundays. Long breakfast with my boyfriend and then a few hours of paper and pen at the dining table while he watches the news or reads. When time just stands still and there are no musts.






What do you think about your art for the future?
I want to make things bigger! Paint with oil, do it in 3D, embroider it on things. Am very eager to make rugs, blankets and trays from the artworks, think it would be very nice.




Five quick questions…

Salty or sweet candy?

Thriller or comedy?
True crime

Boots or sneakers?

Cappuccino or brewed coffee?

Hotel or Airbnb?


Foto by Mira Wickman and Matilda Levenborn