Annika and Nicklas

The heart of Wall of Art

Four years have passed since the launch of Wall of Art. What started as a thought from one of the founders became the core and heart of a company that lifts artists of the future and gives them the space they both deserve. Annika and Nicklas spend more or less all hours of the day together and live and breathe art, both privately and in the office. Annika gets both butterflies in her stomach and dizziness when she thinks about the future, Nicklas is calm and steady in his voice, Let's go!left_50right_50

How did the idea for Wall Of Art started out?
The idea for Wall of Art came to life in our first apartment here in Stockholm. I have a great passion for interior design and my first assignment was to create a large gallery wall in our empty apartment. I had trouble finding unique and affordable art that was not too common. An endless search led to another idea. Nicklas encouraged me to create my own art to decorate the walls with. In the end, I decided to bring out my inner artist and create some paintings. During that time, Nicklas began to think about whether more people would like to see my art in their homes. Pretty quickly, we realized that it takes a lot of time, energy and effort to lead production and marketing on your own. That was when the idea of the Wall of Art was born.

Nicklas and I were determined from the beginning that we wanted to create a change. A change for artists and creators, to let them and their passionate souls do what they love. To create. It came naturally to us to form and build a company that focuses and markets new and upcoming artists. A meeting place where art enthusiasts can buy selected art that does not leave a burning hole in their wallet.


"I’m a creative soul with an eye for beauty and details. I’m an artist myself, trusting my gut feeling 100%."



What's your focus at Wall of Art?
We focus entirely on working according to what Wall of Art stands for. We want to inspire and be at the forefront when it comes to interior design, curation and packaging. We work hard to give our creators a deserved place to be seen and create opportunities for them to participate in exciting projects. Our focus is that we do not look aside at what others are doing, but we work to create the company we dream of, an inspiring platform that creates a change for creators and that makes it easier for the customer to decorate with art. We have chosen to limit the number of creative places to ensure that the artists we work with have a deserved place to be exposed at. It also means that our range is extremely carefully selected. For us, it is important that the motifs fit well together, that the colors can be combined and that the creators do not become competitors but are lifted apart.



What do you feel about the future?
God, we get really excited and dizzy from thinking about the future. Today we work with about 60 creators and we work really hard to reach out with their art. The core and vision of elevating the artists of the future will always remain, but now with even more focus on inspiration, editorial content and long-term collaborations. We celebrate four years but our journey has just begun. We have a lot of exciting things going on that we look forward to sharing. In the near future, we will also expand our team, which feels fantastic and opens up for greater and more opportunities.



"If Annika is the creative visionary and the one who comes up with exciting ideas, I am the one who tries to complete and follow up." - Nicklas


What is the most fun thing you know about your work and when you are free from work?
Everything is actually best, Wall of Art is the creative company we have always dreamed of. Wall of Art gives us the opportunity to meet such incredibly inspiring and creative people. All new meetings with artists, partners and customers give us so much energy and there are always new exciting ideas to develop, it is a never ending art story. Because we run the company together, it is like our lifestyle and as founders and entrepreneurs, we do spend a lot of time in our office, but it is also where we have our best friends that we love to hang out with. 

left_50right_50largePhoto by Matilda Levenborn