Hello Home

Lisa Wirenfelt

Lisa and her boyfriend chose to renovate their apartment on their own, without any real experience. A lot of hard work turned into a warm and cozy apartment filled with Lisa's own art, original details and carefully selected material choices. We got to visit Lisa during a morning where she talks about harmony and feelings for 2021!

Hi Lisa, for those who do not yet know who you are, do you want to tell us a little about yourself?
I would say that I am a mix between a serious and a frivolous person. Quirky and childish on one hand, but on the other also strategic and quite stable. My friends usually say that I'm either 8 or 80, it depends a bit. Most of my time I work as a PR and marketing manager at Steamery Stockholm. All other times I am an artist and illustrator including for Wall of Art. Any time other than that, I drool over interior design.

right_50left_50Lisa, is it true that you and your boyfriend chose to do almost all the work yourselves in the apartment?
Yes! We were both completely green on the renovation front, but my boyfriend felt confident that I could create a nice home and I felt confident that he was handy and careful. We complemented each other very well and started after watching a lot of tutorials. And it was so much fun, would love to do it again soon!

How did your thoughts go during the process and did it turn out as you had imagined?
Because we longed so much to get started we had time to plan very much and make many pinterestboards. When I went to get the keys, I had already bought paint. I still have to say that it was quite similar to what it turned out to be, but some overly ambitious projects were scrapped somewhere along the way. But we are very happy even if we're not completely finished yet! But do you ever get to that point?


The apartment is fantastic and can be very personal and considering your year, the most important thing for you to have a home where you can find inspiration?
Thank you! Absolutely, I love to spend time at home. I can feel annoyed about a corner in the apartment that does not really feel balanced. And then I will keep on tinkering until it does. A lot is about the colors being in harmony with each other. Then I usually become harmonious myself.

What does a day look like in your home?
Hm, let's choose a weekend day. Then we sleep in and have a big delicious breakfast. After that we get outside for a long walk. Often to some vintage shop. To stroll around and be inspired by everything you see, whether it is in the city or out in nature, is a cozy weekend experience in my opinion. Later in the evening we might get over some friends and my boyfriend is a master in the kitchen and absolutely loves to stand by the kitchen island. I am more responsible for the music and the decoration, so then it is usually a good dinner and a little game night!


Do you have any secret tips on how to get a balance in the home?
I usually work with warm colors, not too many or too screaming colors, and then maybe work with something that pops and both bothers at the same time as it complements. For me, a home should feel cozy, so textiles, good lighting, plants and comfortable furniture are very much needed. Do not buy everything at once, but stay in a little before. Then everything usually feels more balanced. And art. Art is important. Even there, I usually run on warm soft works for that cozy feeling.


2020 was a special year in many ways, what are the feelings about 2021?2020 has challenged me in many ways. My strongest feelings are are like so many other, a longing for something. Longing to be hugged, longing to feel more free and longing to go to my friends' weddings that were postponed. It won't be difficult to beat 2020, so I feel modestly optimistic.