Hygge meets zen in this minimalist apartment

In interior design, crafting spaces that embody personal style while radiating tranquility and comfort is an art form. Fabian, the creative behind the Instagram account Studio Okaeri, shares insights into his aesthetic, which is synonymous with minimalist elegance and cozy vibes.

April 21, 2024

The name "Okaeri," meaning "welcome back" in Japanese, reflects Fabian's deep affinity for Japanese culture and design. It's an invitation to enter a space where Danish minimalism merges seamlessly with Japanese simplicity.

Raw materials like wood and aluminum provide a backdrop for vibrant art prints, adding life to the space without overpowering it.

When asked about the key to crafting a relaxed home, Fabian emphasizes the use of natural materials, soothing color palettes, and strategic lighting. Mixing warm and cool textures like wood and aluminum achieves a delicate balance, fostering an atmosphere of serenity.

Describing his style as "hygge meets zen," Fabian blends Scandinavian coziness with Japanese aesthetics, resulting in spaces that are functional, crafted with care, and encourage relaxation and introspection. His inspiration is drawn from nature and Japan's cultural heritage, embracing the concept of "wabi-sabi" to appreciate imperfections and the beauty of simplicity.

For those seeking decorating advice, Fabian suggests a patient approach, allowing spaces to evolve naturally over time. Investing in timeless pieces and avoiding passing trends ensures longevity and a deeper personal connection to the design.

When it comes to selecting art, Fabian prefers pieces that complement his design ethos. Raw materials like wood and aluminum provide a backdrop for vibrant prints, adding life to the space without overpowering it. His selection of art prints from Wall of Art is carefully selected for their unique personalities, seamlessly integrating into Studio Okaeri's versatile design scheme.

Ultimately, Studio Okaeri offers more than just interior design tips—it's an invitation to create spaces that reflect personal style and provide a sense of comfort. By embracing simplicity, functionality, and timelessness, Fabian demonstrates how to craft homes that welcome and inspire.

See more of Fabian's apartment on his instagram @studio.okaeri.