New artist, Kicki Yang Zhang

Kicki Yang Zhang is a Berlin based artist, model & content creator. She was raised in Shanghai until the age of 5 when her family returned to Germany. Once her dream of becoming a pilot did not work out she focused more on her creative abilities and started showcasing them online. Now she's up to date with a collection of Zodiac Signs together with a Limited calendar. Meet her here.

Dear Kicki! So excited about the launch together with you! How do you feel?
I’m feeling excited but also a bit nervous. I was always hesitant in putting my illustrations out there to sell because it’s something so personal, but I’m so happy we came together to do this!

"I think I’m really colorful as a person, extroverted and bold"

Tell me about your collection!
I wanted to do a series instead of just single drawings, so I drew the zodiac signs in my style. I was never super into it until I lived in Berlin with Ruben (my manager now) as my roommate and he taught be a lot about astrology. Astrology is super fun to talk about and I can tell in the past years it gained in popularity in pop culture as well. But like my drawings it’s all fun and games, I believe your fate is still in your hands.

Also, tell me about you!
It’s so hard to talk about oneself haha. I’m a Chinese girl in my 20s living in Berlin, I love creating stuff in all sorts on categories and I’m obsessed with soup (especially doenjjang jjigae and vegan ramen).

Where do you find your inspiration?
I love nature, plants and its foliage and flowers. But also patterns that I know from my childhood and my culture.

Does your art reflect you and your personality?
Most definitely. I think I’m really colorful as a person, extroverted and bold.

What’s your passion in life?
Just to create. I think me as a person I’m only 100% happy when I have the possibility to create art and things that I love. I feel very blessed and privileged that I can do this as my job.

Who did you wanted to become when you were young?
My first role model in life is my mother. She is such a talented hard working woman and I aspire to be like her.

When you are older, like a really old and lovely lady, how do you want to feel when you look back at your life?
I want to feel like I gave it all, and used my time to try what I want to try. The fear of failure is always there but if you don’t try there is also no chance of winning.

Tell me three things you can’t live without?
Colorful eyeliners, my fine liner pen, and (unfortunately) my phone because I have no orientation skills and would be lost most of the time without it.

Top five favorite places in Berlin?
My home, Tempelhofer Feld in summer, smartdeli (my favorite Japanese restaurant/store), Gropius Bau (contemporary museum) and the public library.

"Allow yourself to be a little bit selfish, especially in your 20s"

What’s your advice to young women around the world today?
Do things for yourself. Allow yourself to be a little bit selfish, especially in your 20s.

You have the chance to switch life with a person for one day, who do you pick and why?
Probably SZA. I wanna know how it’s like to be able to sing like that (I’m a terrible singer).

What’s your inspiration and go-to when it comes to interior?
I love maximalism, colors, organic shapes and plants. Together with my boyfriend we like to get art books and little toys that we find when traveling.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Watching Korean dog grooming videos on YouTube. All types of casting shows for cooking, baking but also specific things like cocktail mixing, glassblowing, engineering with cake.

Last but not least, do you have a goal when it comes to your paintings?
For me personally the process is more important than then end result. So the way is the goal.