Selected art prints by Garba

Garba is a given meeting place in Stockholm with room for creativity, interesting meetings and good food - Now also for art and artists. Be inspired by our large picture wall in the restaurant filled with paintings, posters, photo art, and illustrations by our own artists!

17 Prints
Lisa Larsson - Sybarite New York Poster

Sybarite New York poster

Madelen Möllard Ranunculus in orange vase Poster

Ranunculus in orange vase

From €29
Fabienne Meyer - The wainting game - Poster - Art Print

The waiting game

Årstider poster - Evelina Kroon - Art Print


From €59
Fabienne Meyer Banana Jar - Art Print Poster

Banana Jar Limited Edition

Evelina Kroon Juni Print


From €29
Amanda Gylling Narcisse 01 - Photo

Narcisse 01

From €35
Madelen Möllard Pink ranunclus in brown vase Print

Pink ranunculus in brown vase

From €29
Anna Mörner Mellan oss Poster

Mellan oss

From €29
Madelen Möllard - Very very sunny day

Very very sunny day

Kristina Suvoruva - Art Print - Poster

Suvorova Print