Selected art prints by Leonie Eberhard

Leonie lives in an incredibly inspiring and creative apartment filled with design and art. She is an expert when it comes to design furniture and interior design. Though her social media, you can follow her journey through flea markets, DIY guides, refurnishing and interior design tips for both bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. See her favorite art prints here!

9 Prints
Rutig Black Katherine Plumb

Rutig Black by Katherine Plumb

From €29
Lektyr Hanna Peterson

Lektyr by Hanna Peterson

From €35
Utmattad Östling och Rydman

Utmattad by Rydman Östling

From €35
Pottery 104 Studio Paradissi

Pottery 104 by Studio Paradissi

From €29
Taking a Fruit Saulo

Taking a Fruit by Saulo

From €29
Prussiluskan Estelle Graf

Prussiluskan by Estelle Graf

From €35
Sweet and chrunchy like creme catalana - Marta Leyva

Sweet and chrunchy like creme catalana by Marta Leyva

From €29
Prada Girl with silver hair Jiashen Han

Prada girl with silver hair by Jiashen Han

From €35
Sleeping venus red gouache Poster - Yulia Nemova

Sleeping venus red gouache by Yulia Nemova

From €30