In season

Back to the office

The long-awaited new year is finally here with new hopes and a goal of a normal everyday life. However, we have to hold on for a while longer and many of us continue to work from home. Maybe some of you have turned a part of the home into a temporary office or work corner, and maybe it should stay and therefore get some care and new energy. With some light make over, it's easier than you think.


The last few months have been challenging in many ways, both positively and negatively. We have had to rethink, redo, turn things around because a new everyday life stepped in. We have spent more time at home and we have later seen a great need among people, a need for change at home. The home has gone from being "just" a home to a place where there are suddenly new conversations and discussions, new feelings and thoughts that previously had their place at work or out among friends. For a little while longer, we need to keep up the will, inspiration and motivation to get us through the spring and with simple tricks we can succeed.


Add personal details and things you like. Bring in candles, different materials give a softer and more inviting feeling, maybe you can change the work chair, turn your desk so that you see the room from a different angle. It does not really require much of one, but we are in need of change a little now and then. It gives energy. Color is also a very good complement to give a whole new impression. In this styling, we see elements of a yellow tone that is a positively charged color and evokes emotions such as joy, intelligence, energy and optimism. It is needed in all rooms right now, but especially in the workroom after a long vacation.


If you choose an accent color, for example yellow, both as more protruding and lively or more subdued, it is a very nice idea to combine with the more earthy tones. The impression is calm but at the same time interesting and lively.

Styling by Linnéa Salmén