Hello home

Kajsa Baekmark

The door opens and a happy Hello wines across the courtyard. Kajsa stands with a big smile on the stairs and welcomes us. The old school building in Ramsåsa on Österlen is sheltered in a corner among chestnut trees and a small and beautiful church. Kajsa is a whirlwind, a fantastic one, surrounded by colorful creations, works with clothes and is convinced that fashion is in her genes. There is always an ongoing project and the very latest is about art, Kajsa is currently with us at Wall of Art and is one of our new artists. Meet her here.

Tell us about your home!
We live in an old school in Österlen that gives us equal parts joy and headaches. We have realized that renovation can be a lifestyle but put it on pause at regular intervals. I like to fill the school with everything we like, which is beautiful but I do not want it to tip over and get messy, even if we are messy. Even if the contradictions are a few, we get it together and think that our home is our castle and our place to rest.



You have done a complete renovation of your house, what has been the biggest challenge?
The house has challenged us in every way with its wonderful surprises and leaking hives, but nothing we have not been able to renovate ourselves through. Now, however, we face the challenge of making the large rooms cozy, it is not so easy to get to the coziness in that volume and ceiling height.

What is the best thing about the house?
I work a bit everywhere and fling a bit back and forth but enjoy most when I get to come home. The restful life in the country, the lukewarm and our house is the best.


There are lots of fantastic dresses and blouses hanging in the hall, I want to know more about that! Are they your own?
Yes thank you they are mine but have been worn by many. I run a clothing rental business alongside my other fashion-related jobsb.

What is the absolute most fun thing about dressing other women?
Do you know when you feel good about having made someone else feel good? It may sound mundane, but feeling good can do something for the soul.


When do you feel at your best?
When I have longed for an event, planned an outfit a couple of days before, taken a bath, curled my hair, put on high heels and have the whole evening in front of me full of hopes.


Do you have a dream purchase in terms of clothing?
No I do not have it but I have a lot of models and silhouettes in my head I would like to sew up.



Where do you think your interest in fashion comes from?
Mom and Grandma I think. I have so many times thought that I should stop working with clothes but I am starting to realize that it is probably only in my genes.

What do you find on a day off?
Eat semolina porridge for breakfast, cuddle with my children, go on an excursion, maybe pick a bouquet of rose hips on a self-pick, paint, light candles, eat a good dinner.


What does the next project look like in the house?
They are so many but the garden needs a little love.


My funniest memory from my childhood is…
Our mornings at my mother's home were always a bit chaotic if you were to arrive at school on time and just this morning it was important that we arrived at eight o'clock so that I could catch the bus to the excursion to the forest. Mom would drive me but could not find her glasses and rushed around our large apartment in her floral bathrobe to find them. She does not find them but takes her cyclops with strength in, you know something that covers half the face and thinks up the upper lip to a very fun format. With a fluttering bathrobe, lime green cyclops for the face and me in a trailer, we rush down to our big, dirty Volvo Duett and who hack their way to school. I just have time for the bus and my mother in all the glory has jumped out on the sidewalk and is standing and waving after us. I was so ashamed that I was dying. She wasn't, she was never ashamed.

My best candy is…
Ice cream

This drives me crazy…
I'm in love and crazy about Hampus

This makes me happy…
The scent of my children

I dance to…
Black club techno :-)

My best place on earth is…
My first small apartment on Kungsgatan in Malmö always turns my thoughts back to

My life motto is…
Have fun, be kind

Who is your biggest role model?
My mother, my best friends mother and my grandmother





You are up to date with your art with us, how does it feel and tell us about your expression!
So fun to be a part of you! Me and the kids painted our way through the pandemic. From the beginning, it was just a matter of mixing the perfect shade and finding the most beautiful color combinations. I think it's an expression of clothes and color combinations that could never be worn during the quiet year that was. Instead of wearing the colors, they were allowed to become soft shapes on a canvas.