Hello home, Pauline Deckert

Pauline lives in Berlin in what she describes herself, a tricky furnished apartment, but with a lot of character. Described by her friends as being on vacation. During Covid, she took up her interest in crocheting again and now she holds her own courses. Meet her in a personal interview.

Dear, how are you today?
I am doing just fine :-)

Tell us a little bit about yourself!
My name is Pauline, I am 25 years old and I live in Berlin. I work in fashion and founded my brand PAULUSCHKAA which focuses on crochet and knitwear in 2021. Since then I basically crochet every single day as it is my favorite hobby whilst also being my job. I am very lucky!

"I really like the way most our friends describe it: It feels like being on a holiday"

How would you describe your home?
My home is definitely our home, and us, thats my boyfriend Arash and I. We choose everything together and our home is a place of constant change. I really like the way most our friends describe it: it feels like being on a holiday. Our home is colorful and cozy and just very much us.

Your apartment has a very special style and cut of its own. What were the challenges when selecting and arranging furniture?
The biggest challenge in our apartment is the fact that we don’t have many walls. It's a really open space with big glass doors so we needed to arrange a lot in the room and theres not many options to rearrange the composition. But we compensate that with changing our furniture instead haha. Besides that our space is beautifully open, really bright and fun to play with.

Can you name 3 tips for decorating such an apartment?
If you have the possibility to build in height, then do it! Plants are always a really nice idea especially when you have a lot of light. But for decorating in general there aren’t any rules really. Just do what feels right and cute and makes you smile when you look at it.

How did you get into crocheting?
I got into crochet when my grandma showed me for the first time when i was 6. I always picked it up over the time but really got back into it during covid.

Where do you find inspiration? Both for your apartment and your work.
Colors for me is the most inspiring source. I find color combinations in everything all the time. I use that for my apartment and work. People also inspire me, especially my friends. But there's inspiration in everything if you want to see it.

"I just recently started to give crochet workshops and definitely wanna keep on doing that"

What is your next project?
I am currently working on new designs and writing down patterns to make my work available on a different level which is very exciting. I just recently started to give crochet workshops and definitely wanna keep on doing that. but my biggest personal project is gonna be very long vacation beginning of next year with my boyfriend and I can’t wait.

What are the best places in Berlin for colder days?
I gotta be honest: our home. It's my favorite place on any day.

And last but not least: What do you love most about Berlin?
I love that the city is always moving and that theres so much to experience. I love its people and its character and that the city is unapologetically itself. Berlin doesn’t really try to impress, its just Berlin.