New artist, Mimmi Montán

Mimmi Montán, artist and restaurateur at one of Malmö's hottest restaurants. Mimmi has been surrounded by creative people since childhood and feels that art keeps her in check, while lowering her. There is no room for unnecessary things that are not used, the summer is to be spent in Italy and a perfect Sunday always starts at 06.00. Meet Mimmi here.

First of all, the light and energy in your apartment is absolutely amazing! Wow, it really captures you.
Thank you so much, makes me happy to hear!

But before you tell me about your home, who are you?
I would say I'm a creative person with a lot of things going on all the time. Artist but also restaurateur. You can find me in Malmö and have lived in Canada for many, many years before that. In art I am an abstract expressionist and in private I am very straight forward and direct. I place a lot of value in depth and do not paint specific landscapes but rather the light it emits.

"I feel burdened by stuff and find it difficult to be creative in an environment where there are things that are not used"

Your apartment is filled with your paintings, and not really much more. Is it intentional?
Now that you're here visiting I'm going to have a small open studio at home so that's why they're everywhere. Otherwise, I usually stick to only my home studio. But this with not having any furniture is as it usually is; I feel burdened by stuff and find it difficult to be creative in an environment where there are things that are not used. The only thing we really have is other people's art on the walls and a dining table, some books, a bed. But my own art on the walls is not something I usually have otherwise!

Where does your artistic side come from?
My grandmother was an art history teacher and owned a Gallery in Arild outside Kullaberg - where I also grew up. My grandfather is also an artist; so I have always been surrounded by different types of creative and have been encouraged to create both process-driven and conceptual art.

What does this mean for you?
What does art mean to me? I think it keeps me in check most of the time, it gives me life, it can also lower me completely. I lean a lot on my creation, I can paint both on a good day and a bad one. I never share what the artwork are more than in the title. I want you to create your own perception, a sense of self. I'm just the first movement and the movement means everything to me. That's who I'm here for. I put the title of the work last and it is probably the part of the painting that speaks most clearly in addition to the motif.

Where would you like to see your art?
I always dream big so the answer to this question I keep to myself, haha. Only hard work can answer that question and it will take the time it takes.

"Our strength is absolute, without a doubt the incredible people who stand by our side and drive Aster forward every day"

When you are not painting, you are running Malmö's hottest restaurant, Aster! What is the most fun thing about running a restaurant?
Haha, thank you! There are many hotties in Malmö and I really appreciate that I get to be a part of it all. Especially in this city. The absolute most fun for me is creating the place. So not just the shape; what it looks like, but also to be able to start something from scratch and go through all the shit that it entails. It's really wonderful fun, I've wanted to do this for many years and here we are now.

What do you think is your strength?
Our strength is absolute, without a doubt the incredible people who stand by our side and drive Aster forward every day. I could not imagine a better gang to work with. Dear people I have met, they are there in all situations and believe in what we are trying to create, it is a hell of an honor.

What do you drink in the bar?
I definitely think you should drink a cocktail from our own list! But I'm also incredibly fond of classics - I probably would have drunk a Bamboo as my first, a Martini as my second and a Manhattan as my third cocktail.

What is the absolute best thing you know?
To be able to travel (the best thing I know) with Linus (the best one I know).

Describe yourself in 3 words!
Unique, creative & straight forward.

What is the plan going forward with your artistry?
I have my base in Canada where my representative is also. Hopefully, that relationship will build bigger and stronger so that the opportunity to paint for art galleries and galleries over there opens up more.

How do you spend a free Sunday?
Sunday is the day of the week that is absolutely most important to me. My days always start around 06:00 even though I am free, I paint in the morning; it is when I am most quiet and ready for it. Then Linus and Vesslan (our dog) wake up, I get to meet my external family at Aster later in the afternoon. We usually eat a piece, drink a glass. Then we run a new week again. Perfect start to the week.

Do you have any summer plans?
YES! I will work! But I'm also going to Italy. That's what's planned so far. We need to be on site a lot during the summer but it's cozy with it; I'm sure given the chance to sit on Aster's outdoor terrace or read a book on the balcony. Looking forward to the sun a lot.

Last but not least, what not to miss in Malmö, except Aster then!
Bouchon! Metro! Lyran!