Wall of Art x Stockholms Bränneri

Stockholms Bränneri is located in an old car workshop on Södermalm in Stockholm. In the old workshop, they create Stockholm's first craft gin, inspired by our Nordic heritage. Together we are now releasing a set of limited prints created by Madelen Möllard, inspired by Bränneriet's latest release, Canned Cocktails.

How was Stockholms Bränneri started?
Stockholms Bränneri was started by me and my husband Calle. We met in Lund, but lived together in Vancouver when our idea of ​​a local and accessible distillery where we make gin with a Scandinavian aesthetic was born. We cooked our own flavors and at the same time dreamed of all the things that are now true. In 2016, we released our first product, Dry Gin. Then as now made on Folkungagatan 136 in Stockholm.

Was Stockholm the idea from the beginning, and what is it like to be so central?
We love this city so Stockholm absolutely, but we considered all possibilities before we found just Folkungagatan 136: suburb, inner city, archipelago island . Industrial premises, basement, new construction. Yes, you understand. We have lived in the area ourselves, and eastern Södermalm is Stockholms Bränneri's obvious place. Södermalm enables exactly the type of accessibility we saw in front of us from the beginning when we dreamed of starting Stockholms Bränneri: Locals and neighbors peek in and say hello, our restaurant friends pick up up a couple of boxes of gin for the weekend's service and tourists interested in food and drink visit us between stops at Bar Agrikultur and Folii.

"For us, it is just as important to talk about materials and color, as taste and aroma"

What is your strength?
Tangible competence in branding and entrepreneurship combined with genuine passion for taste and experience. Together we share a clear and deep understanding of the connection between hard and soft values.

Tell us about your aesthetics? Feels like there is a consistent thread from the bottle to the experience in the Distillery itself.
Design is fundamental to what we do. To shape an experience. We have collaborated on our graphic design with our close friend Carl Bachmann since the start, and we ourselves have a genuine interest in, and also a professional background in the field. So for us, it is just as important to talk about materials and color, as taste and scent.

What are your biggest challenges?
Alcoholic beverages are in Sweden a tightly regulated area with a deep-rooted culture. How to reach out with new thinking, feeling and intention but at the same time relate to Swedish law and our monopoly, especially in today's global society, requires balance and fingertip feeling.

What is the absolute most fun with your product?
That we get to convey our love to explore and develop through taste and experience. It is so intimate to create something that people should drink, so to create something that we first and foremost love ourselves and then also get love back from people who also love what we do is absolutely the most fun.

"We will always continue to be creative and keep our own thinking, not shaped too much by others"

What do you plan ahead, do you have dreams? Of course to continue to be relevant and continue to deliver awesome products to our friends in the industry and work close to our customers. Even towards private individuals, we want to continue to be a reputable beverage manufacturer that people trust when it comes to delivering high quality products. We also have an educational angle that we want to get people inspired to try things they may not have tested before and understand our thoughts behind . We will always continue to be creative and keep our own thinking, not shaped too much by others. In addition to the product, the place Stockholms Bränneri is incredibly important to us. It has been a meeting place for people since the beginning and we will never end this. Today we have gin tastings and production tours every week, but also bark evenings here at the distillery. Our goal is for a guest (or resident) in town who is interested in taste and drink to take it for granted to pay a visit to us. We are now also expanding the range of visitors with our bar Brännerian, which will be open three days a week. Here, all spirits-based drinks will be produced on site in our own premises.

Tell us more about "Brännerian"!
We have a space next to the distillery that we are completing with the goal of opening up at the end of the summer of 2022. The distillery is an old jaguar workshop, and the part that is now being bare was a once the office part of the workshop. At "Brännerian", drinking geeks and beginners will meet. It will be an accessible place for unique experiences.

No one has missed your latest release, canned cocktails. How did you come up with the idea?
All our products are the result of parallel tracks: we are constantly exploring ideas, tastes, scents, colors, packaging and areas of use. When something is exciting on all levels, we discuss moving on to an actual product. The cans were born out of curiosity about the aluminum can's format and perceived availability, as well as our ability to take both content and design to a whole new level.

Is it true that one of the jars contains your own grapefruit concentrate?
Our Pink Paloma is based on a cocktail that should contain grapefruit juice or grapefruit soda. In addition to our Pink Gin and lime, our jar contains its own grapefruit soft drink which contains, among other things, Swedish-produced grapefruit aroma and its own grapefruit distillate, which we believe matches our Pink Gin and the drink's other ingredients perfectly.

You create many creative and fun collaborations, what role does creativity have for you?
Our independence is fundamental to Stockholm's Distillery. All our products come from our own curiosity and desire to express ourselves. Therefore, collaborations always take place based on a common curiosity. We collaborate with both beverage producers and businesses in other areas when we find something in common, and because we love what happens when different worlds meet.

Now we release limited prints together, inspired by the cocktail jars and Madelen Möllard is behind the artwork. Should we not recommend, just as with the jars, buy all four directly!
As for our jars, we of course advocate moderation. But just like with our four-pack where each jar stands on its own legs but also forms a whole, we love all four prints together. We feel so honored by Madelen's art. The prints are so incredibly beautiful!