New artist, Ruby Hughes

Ruby Hughes born in London, started Sshepaints in an effort for us to connect during the Pandemic. Painting memories of Aperols and pizza in the sun, to cups of coffee and afternoon chatter. They were love notes of what we used to have. Often posting them straight to the customers friend or family member. 'I felt like cupid'. Fast forward to now she is still painting our memories of Pasta sauce, glasses of wine and the beauty in everyday life. The ethos behind Sshepaints is - 'Anyone can paint'. The uneven, wonky quality of Ruby's pieces invites you to feel inspired, and either want to grab a paintbrush or go and sit in a wine bar.

März 20, 2023

Tell me about your art!

I would say my artwork is a love letter to life - As cliche as it sounds. It celebrates the simple joys of eating and drinking with loved ones. From the morning cup of tea to the evening chatter in a wine bar. I want it to remind you how important it is to celebrate these moments.

"Sometimes my friends say something and I'll write it down and paint a picture around it"

How and when did your artistry started?

It started during covid at a time when we couldn't physically be together. So I started painting scenes of people drinking Aperol and sharing a coffee in the street. These paintings were sold and sent to people who they missed. I would add personal messages 'I miss drinking wine with you' etc. I felt like cupid in a time when connection was so limited. I guess it grew from there, the pandemic finished and people still wanted to commission me to paint their memories of pasta sauce and dancing in the kitchen.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find it everywhere, I could be a convocation I over hear in a cafe about dinner plans. A morning chat with my boyfriend over toast. It's the mundanity of life I find really inspiring. Sometimes my friends say something and I'll write it down and paint a picture around it.

What makes you truly happy?

Connection makes me so happy, having a great chat with a friend over a glass of wine. Laughing in the car with my boyfriend. Painting a picture for someone makes me feel my most authentic self. I really feel happy when I'm just pottering around in our usual routine, I feel so lucky to say that.

Tell me about your best breakfast!

Dippy eggs and soldiers, is hands down my favourite. Very simple but it really hits the spot, with a pot of tea on the side. When we go to France, getting a 'petit dejeuner' which is a small breakfast - a pastry, coffee and usually orange juice - is also my fave.

Dinner at home or going out?

This is such a hard one, I loooove hosting in our home - But the atmosphere of a bar or restaurant is unbeatable. Getting out of your home environment to go and eat I think really can shift the day and make you feel great.

Story or post?

Post all day long. I find the disappearing of stories a bit stressful. I love to look back at what has happened.

Sneakers or heels?

I wish I would say heels, and I do love wearing kitten heels with a casual outfit. But I am a sneaker girl through and through. Comfort over everything is always for me.

What is your favorite song?

There's a song by Babybird called 'you're gorgeous' which is so nostalgic to me. It's almost too emotional to listen to as it takes me back to my childhood. But I'd have to say that.

Where’s your favorite place in the world?

Southern Italy. My mum and sister and I go nearly every year and have done since I was younger. The people, the way of life it really is the best. It's where I fell in love with Italian cooking and I guess had a huge impact on my brand.

Describe yourself with three words.

This is hard - I've never been asked this before. I'd say, creative, casual, friendly,

What do you dream about?

One day having children is a huge dream of mine. Continuing to grow my business and have it be a multi layered brand. My business is pretty much my dream that I feel I'm manifesting and working on everyday. Living somewhere warm is on the list - Sharing my life with my boyfriend and supporting each-other to grown our brands is something I want to do forever. Being happy!