Hello home

Simon Zimmermann

Simon lives in Fulda, Germany, in an inspiring apartment with a lot of character and details. He has a great interest in interior design and has promised himself never to drink bad coffee again. Meet him here.



Tell us a little about yourself!
My name is Simon, I’m 33 years old and living in Fulda, Germany. I work in e-com/marketing and I have a big passion for interior and the nice things in life.
Also I drink a lot of coffee.


You have an amazing apartment, what’s the best thing about it?
Guess the best thing of it is the natural light in summer. Also the fact that is not perfect at all. Most people don’t know that it’s a shared flat - so I'm having the best time in the kitchen with my roomie or friends.
And what people see is just a small part of our flat.

What will I never ever find in your home?
Bad coffee haha.


Describe your love for coffee!
It all started when I lived in Frankfurt. There I drank an incredibly delicious Ethiopian natural and decided never to drink bad coffee again.


I’m heavy into things by Vitra/Herman Miller - mostly the designs by Ray and Charles Eames.

What are you doin a sunny sunday?
Meeting friends, going for a coffee walk or riding bike in summer. I try my best to go outside and see new things.

What’s your go-to musts when it comes to interior?
I’m heavy into things by Vitra/Herman Miller - mostly the designs by Ray and Charles Eames. But it’s the mix that makes it. I also have vintage things from local flea markets or Ikea ;-)


Simon regularly re-furnishes his entire apartment and lets each room have its own space and place.


What would you like to do during 2022?
Travel. Would love to see NYC again and Tokyo is a big goal for me. I also want to get deeper into photography. Let’s see what happens


I feel best when…
I have good friends and my family around me.

My friends would describe me like…
Stubborn but lovely when you really know me haha. I tend to be quiet and reserved at first.

I’m longing for…
The beach. Life without Covid.

I have a craving for…
All kinds of Kellogg’s