In season

Back at home

During spring, you long impatiently for the summer, then you only have time to blink before the body and mind start adjusting to routines, autumn and lighting candles. Someone dares to express out loud how many days, possibly seconds there are left until Christmas while another buys asummer dresses. August can be a tricky period but usually very nice. One thing that we usually have in common and can land in somewhere is that most people long for the routines, get control of themselves and their thoughts. Everyone gathers again after being around everywhere and a feeling of safety arrives. So far, the summer is still green and offers bright evenings, which we can see in our latest styling by Linnéa Salmén. Light warm colors with hints of light and darker tones of green in both art and details. Contrasting colors have the ability to elevate all or parts of a room, capture attention and, in combination with matched colors, give a well-thought-out expression.




Styling by Linnéa Salmèn.