New collection, Food & Friends

We are happy to tell you that we're is releasing a curated series of Art Prints celebrating food & wine, inspired by how great food memories are shared online today. The collection contains both paintings and illustrations and is presented in a welcoming restaurant setting inspired by late night dinners with pasta making, wine tasting and good vibes.

Juli 15, 2024

Social media feeds are filled with pictures of food & wine. We put our heart and souls into creating perfect dinners with the perfect food that will get us the perfect picture. It’s not unusual to almost stand up on your chair, telling everybody to hold their breath while trying to get the perfect angle.

"Food has always been a popular subject for artists. Back in the days you’d find grand paintings in golden frames depicting beautifully prepared tables. Today everybody’s creating art around their food in one way or another with their phones. We wanted to highlight our modern artistry and the foodie culture that’s flourishing because of it"

The Food & Wine collection is inspired by all the art that is created and shared on social media daily. As a celebration of food, the artists at Wall of Art have created artwork inspired by the modern culture of sharing recipes and great food experiences with each other online.

"Life’s too short to eat boring food and then forget about it"

"Food is obviously a huge part of all of our lives in many ways, let’s celebrate that"

The collection, which consists of 50+ unique art prints, was created from original paintings and illustrations depicting food and drinks meant to inspire more great culinary moments.