Behind the wall

Meet the founders of  Wall of Art


Tell me about you and the idea behind Wall of Art?

We’re a couple from Karlstad, a city located in the mid-west of Sweden. We met five years ago in Stockholm during our studies. Today, we spend our summers in Värmland together with both our families who have become close friends.

The idea about Wall of Art came to live in our very first common apartment in Midsommarkransen, Stockholm. I, Annika, have a real passion for interior design and my first mission was to create a big picture wall in our empty apartment. I experienced some trouble finding unique and affordable art that wasn’t too mainstream. An endless search led to another idea. Niklas encouraged me to create my own art and dress up the walls. In the end i decided to collect all my artist tools and create some paintings. During that time Niklas began to think if more people would like to see my art in their homes. Quite quickly we realized that it takes a lot of time, energy and effort to lead the production and marketing on your own. That’s when the idea about Wall of Art was born.  

We were determined from the beginning that we wanted to create a change. A change for creators and artists, to let them and their passionate souls do what they love. To create. It came naturally for us to form and build a company that focus and promotes new and upcoming artists. A meeting point where the art enthusiasts can purchase curated art without leaving a burnig hole in their wallet.


Annika, let me know more about you and your actual role in the company?

I’m a creative soul with an eye for beauty and details. I’m an artist myself, trusting my gut feeling 100%. Since the day WOA was born I’ve known that our work is valuable, appreciated and needed, and because of that I always put my whole soul into everything we do. After three years of hard work it’s such a pleasure and gratitude to experience the appreciation from all the creators and customers. it makes me so happy!
I’m the creative leader and responsible for all the marketing and branding of WOA. I manage everything from stylings, collaborations, assortment and, ah You name it! The best feeling is to see the potentials with WOA, how we can expand, how to create new and interesting collaborations and to give the creators even more space for their creativity and feelings.



And Nicklas, what about your role?

I’m an expert when it comes to solutions, I focus on all the logistics, the development, customer service and the finances. If Annika is the visionary and the one who drops all the exciting ideas, I am the realist who completes, realizes and follows up. We are very different from each other and have a completely various focus within the company. We see this as a huge strength because this means that our projects are always upand running, forward. 
We complements ecah other incredibly well!



What makes you unique from other poster companies?

We focus entirely on working according to what Wall of Art stands for. We want to inspire and take the lead when it comes to interior design, curing and packaging. We work hard to provide our creators a deserved place where to be seen and create opportunities for them to participate in, in the form of exciting projects. Our hard focus means that we do not look aside at what other companies are doing, but we work to create the company We dream of. An inspiring platform that creates a change for our artists and that makes it easier for the customer to decorate with art. We have chosen to limit the number of places of creators to ensure that they get the place and attention they deserve. This also means that our range is extremely wide and cured. For us, it is important that the motives fits well together, that the colors can be combined and that the creators do not become competitors but instead lifting each other.

”Our hard focus means that we do not look aside at what other 
companies are doing, but we work to create the company We dream of.” 


How about the future, what are your feelings?

We get super excited when thinking about the future. Today we’re about 50 unique artists operated in Scandinavia and our goal right now is to introduce WOA through our new updated website and profile to the rest of Europe. The heart and the mission to let the future artists bloom still stands, but now with even more focus on inspiration, editorial content and unexpected collaborations. We have some great things going on, also with some new creative souls on our team and we can’t wait for the future take place.

Photo by August Sandström