Wall of Art KIDS

Vera Lo

Vera Lo is an active girl with many dreams. Only 10 years old, she already runs her own company that sells items to reduce stress and is determined to be her own boss all her life. In the future, she wants to help people around the world with their companies while she wants to continue doing modeling assignments. In her spare time, she prefers to hang out with her friends, have coffee and paint! Vera Lo is one of the faces on the outside in our new children's collection, meet her here and read, among other things, about what her dream room would look like.

Hey Vera Lo! How are you today? Can you tell me a little about yourself?
Hi I am feeling well!! Of course I can tell you a little about myself! I am ten years old and my name is Vera Lo. I love to dance and do it three times a week, it's so much fun! In addition, I also have a company with one of my best friends. We sell stress stuff!

Stress stuff, what does it mean?
These are things you can deal with when you feel stressed or feel you need something to tinker with. As I do now, for example, she says and shows off a yellow little rubber figure.

Okay, so you dance and run your own business! Do you have time for something more?
Yes I love hanging out with my family, going to parties hahaha! But hanging out with friends, having sleep overs, coffee and going for walks I really like too!


You are one of the models in our new campaign, how did it feel to be part of it?
Yes, but it felt very good! There were many nice people, nicely styled and incredibly nice posters! It was simply a lot of fun!

Do you like painting, and if so, what do you like most?
I love to paint and paint a lot of people, fantasy worlds, plants, fruits and bubbles! I think it's great that you can take out your imagination when you paint and draw!

How would you describe your room?
Hmm, I would describe it as a lovely place that I enjoy being! These are very lovely colors and I like to sit both on my sofa and at my desk! I love my bed !! she says loudly and laughs at the same time!

If you could dream freely, what would your dream room look like?
Vera Lo looks up at the ceiling and thinks for a while! Hmm, first of all it would have been very big! There would be a large sofa and a lot of pastel colors. A walk in closet with some kind of remote control that opens up the closet automatically. I would also like big shelves and a TV!


Aha, yes this sounds good! Is there any special style you like?
Yes, I like neon a lot and there are two styles called Indie and Kidcore, I like them. They are very similar to each other and contain very different strong colors! Pink, red, blue, yellow, green, almost like a rainbow! I think it's really nice! Even on clothes!

You just mentioned a few colors, but is there any specific one that is just your color?
No, I do not directly have a favorite color. I love all colors equally, many are so wonderful in themselves and then it becomes so difficult to choose one!

What do you want to do when you grow up?
Wow wow wow, hard! I want to both work with, and do, a lot of different things actually! I want to be a singer, I want to dance, I like to work with styling and design! Continue with model assignments too, haha! I want to travel a lot in my job and help companies around the world in different ways! Regardless, I will run my own business and be my own boss!

What do you think are your best qualities, ie your personalities, how you are?
Hmm, I'm kind and very happy! Crazy sometimes! I am funny, caring and always listen when someone talks! I'm loyal, yes, I would definitely say loyal!

- Wow, what a nice girl you are!large

How to be a good friend?
You are a good friend when you are yourself, kind, caring, listen to other people's opinions and suggestions! You are helpful!

What do you do when you are an artist?
You can do a lot of things when you are an artist! You can create artistic things that look like fruit, work with paint, clay and draw things! The ugliest can suddenly become the finest! So fast as well! - Shows his hand and snaps his fingers!

I would guess that you are a master at TikTok, do you have any secret tips on how to become a professional?
Yes, TikToK is very popular! It depends a bit on what you like to do or are interested in. The most popular is dance and art, that is, filming when you create something. It's a bit like YouTube tutorials but they are much shorter videos, they are a maximum of one minute. But do something that you yourself like and are passionate about, then it will be natural!

Last but not least, do you have any favorites from the new collection?
There were many nice ones but some that I liked extra much. "Starfish" by Annika Hultgren, "Gobi Orange" by Julia Hallström Hjort and "Telephone" by Maria Murphy.

Styling by Linnéa Salmén