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Ida Lauga

We had the honor to visit the interior design pro Ida Lauga early in the summer. It was a hot and stuffy morning when we stepped into the apartment which offers incredible energy and harmony in the form of color and details. It is so well thought out without being upset, the art and skills as an interior designer I guess. Ida show us around before we sit down at the classic Alvar Aalto table which is set with freshly baked buns and coffee. We are not alone, under the table are the family's pet, the rabbit Siggy who, just like any cat or dog, roams freely in the home. We talk with Ida about everything from job stories to love stories. Ida and her family have just sold their apartment and will make a quick stop in a new house before they decide what the next dream project is. Meet her here.

right_50left_50Ida! How has your summer been?
It has been wonderful! So long? Excited about the fall now!

Glad to hear that someone thinks it has felt long, I think it swept past in three minutes! But, can you tell me a little about yourself?
Yes! I lived in France for almost 10 years and always think that it defines me quite a lot. From when I was 19 to 28. There I learned about interior design and renovation and met my husband who then moved with me back to Sweden. That mixture, the Scandinavian and the French, is what we become. The food, the decor and the life! Family is my most important and my greatest inspiration. I love interior design but unfortunately get tired quickly, so I re-furnish at least once a week. Paints, optimizes and improves.
largeWhere does the interest in interior design and beautiful things come from?
I think it's always been in me. I hate mess and need to feel good to be good. So it was in my girl's room at Mom and Dad's house when I organized all my stuffed animals into perfect piles, and it still is.

Do you have any keywords that you use when you decorate, both at work and at home?
For me, it is important that everything I do feels like me. Whether it's at home with me, my instagram feed or in an Ikea catalog. I have no real keywords but am incredibly interested in color, and think that it is always the basis for me, to find harmonious color combinations.
left_50right_50What is the biggest challenge in your profession?
I have extremely low self-confidence in drawing by hand, and sometimes if customers want hand-drawn sketches I can get a little sweaty, but I get better and better! Thinking I'll take a course maybe!
left_50right_50largeDo you have a dream assignment?
Many! I want to work abroad! I want to work with small entrepreneurs who do amazing things, I want to work more with food! Make GOOD interior TV!

Where do you travel most and why?
We've just returned from my in-laws in the south of France, and it's wonderful there. Everything is beautiful, good and feels at home.left_50

What are your dreams and thoughts for the future?
I just want to keep going! Meet other creators, and create things together. Be surprised! Buy a home that needs love and care.

When you lack inspiration, what is your go-to source for replenishing the inspo store?
When I'm uninspired, I get zero inspiration from other decor, instagram or Pinterest or so. I think it's good to do something completely different. Go to an exhibition, play the piano or go out into the woods! If you see something, a color combination or a shape, you're up and running again!left_50right_50large

What is your superpower?
I always see the best in everyone, do not think anything wrong of anyone. It's absolutely naive, and sometimes I get sad and disappointed, but I think it's a positive force! Tired of cynicism.

Tell us about a day off with you?
On a day off, the children still wake up at 7 o'clock, most often all in the same bed, we try to keep them in bed as long as we can. Watching movies together in a big pile! Then we eat breakfast, for a very long time. Then we always have a project, go to the Bauhaus or paint something. Makes something fun, bakes and fixes. In the evening, friends come and drink wine and eat food. Stays long, long.


Last but not least, do you have any life-hack?
No, only one hundred percent carpe diem! Do not put up with idiots, just be with people who give as much as they take. Work hard! Everything will be fine!right_50left_50left_50right_50